Stage To Screen

Grand Piano on stage

Concert Style Musical Show

A variety "concert style" show featuring all your favorite stage musical duets that have turned into film and famous movies. This show will feature songs from the early days of SHOWBOAT and OKLAHOMA! to modern movie musicals such as, SWEENEY TODD, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, LES MISERABLES and the new movie release "THE GREATEST SHOWMAN"!

With 2-4 part harmony singers accompanied by one of Orlando's most talented pianist, 

"Duets! Stage to Screen" features top performers from Disney to the Opera!

Come, and see how many songs you can recognize!

Microphone at a recording studio

Live Life in Song

All of life is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It has been said, the universe is a uni-verse, one song or vibration that plays throughout existence and gives us life. When we get in tune with that tone, we are in harmony with life.  

Musical theater is a way we can tap into that power.  That is why we feel music with our whole being. It moves us, stimulates our imagination, opens  emotions, and can pass language and cultural barriers. It lives on a primal level, one that we all can connect with.

Famous Walt Disney Quote. If you dream it you can do it!

Be Inspired By Everything

"I find inspiration all around me! There is an old saying "What doesn't kill you, make you stronger!" If you believe in yourself you can make anything happen!" Quotes  Kriss Harris Ridgway (former Disney Vocalist), after 1 year full recovery of a stroke.

After spending most of 2017 in hospitals and doctors offices, Ken Anders and Kriss Harris Ridgway, both have had some challenging health issues in 2017. They have decided to dedicate this years 2018 performances to all the family and friends who have helped them recover and get them back to where they are today! 



Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make magic happen. 

Duets, Stage to Screen

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